Project Engineering Services


Project Engineering Consultants

At P2C, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of all types of construction projects. We help streamline the project management processes for a seamless completion of the project. We provide a range of services including Submittal Management, RFI Management, Close Out Management, Material Tracking, Change Order Management, and other administrative control activities. Our project engineering support is customized to meet the unique needs of each client and project.

Project Engineering

P2C provides a complete range of project engineering services, including

Submittal Management

Our Submittal Management service ensures that all project submittals or shop drawings are properly submitted, reviewed, and approved. We work closely with the design team, vendors, and clients to manage the submittal process, including initial submission, follow-up, and resubmission, if necessary.

RFI Management

We manage RFI (Request for Information) process, which includes logging RFI, following up with the design team and updating the status, and preparing responses for client submission. Our RFI Management service ensures that your project’s progress is not halted due to a lack of information.

Close Out Management

We provide complete documentation support during the project closeout phase. Our services include organizing, reviewing, and submitting all the necessary project documentation to clients in a timely manner.

Material Tracking

To ensure that materials arrive at the job site on time, our team keeps tabs on material deliveries and compares progress to your project schedule. We keep clients informed of the status of the material and provide regular progress reports.

Change Order Management

We handle the change order management process including documenting change orders and obtaining necessary approvals.


Benefits of Our Project Engineering Service


Efficient Project Management

Our project engineering services are designed to streamline the process of handling all administrative duties associated with project management, allowing your team to focus on key aspects of overall execution.


Streamlined Documentation

At P2C, we provide well-organized documentation services to ensure that all project-related files always remain current and accessible. Our services ensure a level of efficiency that is unmatched by other service providers.


Effective Communication

To ensure efficient communication, our team acts as a liaison for you, the project’s vendors, and clients. This prevents delays and guarantees a smooth project execution.


Streamlined process

Our streamlined process ensures the efficient and timely completion of your project.

Our Process

At P2C, our process includes

Initial Consultation and Planning

We will have a detailed discussion with you to understand your unique requirements and expectations. Through collaboration, we will craft an effective plan that addresses your requirements and ensures the success of your project.


Once the plan is finalized, we will commence executing the project, adhering to the timelines and requirements laid out during the planning phase. We will be available at all times for any inquiries that you may have and ensure an expedited completion of the project.

Monitoring and Control

Our team will monitor the project closely ensuring it stays on track and is being executed as per the requirements. Constant monitoring helps address any issues that may arise and solve them promptly. At P2C we strive to complete your project on time, within budget, and meeting your expectations.

Final Review and Delivery

Before delivering the project to you, we will undertake a comprehensive final review to ensure that all requirements have been fulfilled. Along with the project itself, we’ll also provide all associated documentation for your reference.

Ongoing Support

After the project is finished, we will still be here to help with any questions or concerns you might have.